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💻 Engineering Student @ UFMG

💡 Interested in Robotics, IoT, Machine Learning

📍 Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil

📧 [email protected]

Undergraduate Engineering Student at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), competed in several robotics competitions, either national and international. Devoted to programming, is learning about Artificial Inteligence and Applied Robotics.


  • 2nd Place on AbbVie Hackathon
  • Lecture about IoT (Internet of Things) on BH-TEC
Lecture about IoT
Lecture about IoT

In the Campus Party we developed a mockup of an app to help the citizens keep track of their medical appointments and were awarded the 2nd place on the AbbVie Hackathon.

Taking place in the Technological Park of Belo Horizonte, I presented a lecture about some low-cost platforms to develop to the Internet of Things. Amongst the presented topics: Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, MQTT, LORA Network, PlatformIO, Android Things.


  • 9th Place on RoboCup Germany
RoboCup 2016 - Germany
RoboCup 2016 - Germany

For the Rescue Maze competition, we developed a robot capable of travelling a maze and returning, in an optimal way, to its original point. For that, was used Tremaux to explore the labirinth and A* Algorithm to compute the optimal way.


  • 1st Place on Latin American Robotics Competition

We were three-time champion in consecutive years for the Rescue Maze on the Latin American Competition.


  • 1st Place on Latin American Robotics Competition
  • 3rd Place on RoboCup Brazil
  • Development of Assistive Belt for Visually Impaired

Taking place in São Paulo, we presented in the USP Science Fair (FEBRACE) an Assistive Belt intented to aid Visually Impaired people in their mobility. The device had three ultrasonics sensors to measure the environment and return haptic feedback to the user.

In the RoboCup, we developed a robot capable of travelling a maze in the Rescue Maze competition and awarded the 3rd Place in the worldwide competition. To achieve the objective, the Tremaux algorithm was used.


  • 1st Place on Latin American Robotics Competition
  • 2nd Place on RoboCup Netherlands
RoboCup 2013 - Netherlands
RoboCup 2013 - Netherlands

In the Rescue Maze competition, an autonomous robot was developed in order to travel an entire maze looking for heat victims attached to the wall. After travelling the entire maze, the robot receives a bonus if it goes back to its start position. To travel the maze, the Tremaux algorithm was used and the actual position of the robot was saved in a Cartesian system.


  • 5th Place on RoboCup Mexico

In Mexico, we participated in a competition in which we should develop a robot capable of following a line and avoiding obstacles. To follow the line, the robot read the environment with light sensors and applied a simplified PID controller to keep the robot centered in the line. The hardware was developed using the microcontroller Arduino.

Some of the projects I’ve worked

Rescue Maze robot (RoboCup)

A special thanks for all the effort, hard work and nights awake working on this project, making it possible:

  • Igor Araujo
  • Joao Paulo Sandes Brito
  • Joao Pedro Rosada Canesin
  • Joao Pedro Vilas Boas Silva

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