What can you say to convince me to switch to iOS?

Dear Android User,

I’ve been an Android user for almost my entire smartphone usage life, but recently I’ve switched to an iPhone. The bigger difference I realized about iOS was not exactly about the apps being more polished, as some people point out (as there are cases in which Android apps seem to work better), but a difference in paradigm.

iPhone Home Screen
iPhone Home Screen

While in the Android universe you’re free to change and modify the system as you intend, the restrictions imposed in iPhone devices, although in first glance give the impression of keeping you locked, it actually makes you less obsessed in tweaking your device and, thus, give you more time to focus on what’s important, being it online or offline (I’m talking as a power user).

And something else I’ve been wondering about iOS was “Why don’t they group notifications as in Android and make our life easier?”. I realized that this keeps you less obsessed with your notifications (not having to constantly make it organized, thus spending less time on it) and then I came to the conclusion that it is part of the philosophy that your phone should be used as an auxiliary accessory, and not drive your life. I tried to make Android notifications not to be so invasive, but they are (at least for me), more addictive than the iOS counterpart.

TL;DR: An iPhone makes it easier for me to get my work done in the end of the day than an Android device.

This answer was originally published at quora.com on January 24, 2018.


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